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What people are saying...

"I had been wishing that someone would offer a modern dance class for older dancers for quite a while when I discovered Robin’s class. I was and remain absolutely thrilled with Robin’s class. Her choreography, class structure and thoughtful teaching of technique make her classes among the best I have ever had. I am so grateful to be able to continue dancing this style that I love in such a supportive and welcoming environment. Thank you, Robin!"  Esther A

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 “She’s hit on something really necessary in the modern dance world,” says fellow dancer and teacher April C. Taylor. Vicki Gunter, a former studio owner in her late 60s echoed the sentiment: “This class has given me the opportunity to keep dancing. It’s a gift.”

Robin's classes have given me so much happiness since I returned to dance after 35 years. They are perfect for any age and ability, and are highly adaptable. She spreads the joy of simply moving our bodies and being part of a wonderful community. Kathy S

"Robin has opened my mind and heart to the possibility that I can dance! Robin is easeful, joyful, and intuitive-- I got a sense she knows when to laugh with you, to cheer you on, and when it is time to offer gentle guidance or challenge. She creates community, ease, and joy in her classes. Adult learners get to laugh, play, and improve at their own pace. I will sign up for this class for however long I can!" Sam W

"Robin is one of the best teachers across any discipline I have ever met. Classes have a flow and a joy to them.  She once said "Dance is my life, and teaching is my love" and that says it all. The atmosphere is magic because everyone is accepted as they are, not to mention the numerous health benefits of dancing together in community!"  Danielle W

"Thank you so much for your lovely class.. Your positivity and sense of humor (and beautiful choreography) make your online dance classes a pleasure.  With all the sad and scary things going on in the world right now, I need the beauty of dance to lift my spirits and soothe my soul" Jill H.

Generous and Supportive Teaching Style

"Robin Nasatir's love of dance + movement coupled with her supportive enthusiasm for teaching ALL levels/ages/abilities of dancers, as well as her devotion to instilling in students an awareness and practice of a safe technique make her an excellent choice for a dance and movement teacher. 

On a whim, I enrolled in one of her classes for "Older Dancers."  It's a testament to Robin that not only did I feel welcome and encouraged in class, but I actually learned to move across a dance floor with trained dancers and not shrink entirely from mortification. Thank you, Robin for generously sharing your vast dance experience and intuitively understanding how to support each student's "hidden" dancer, waiting to emerge!" Denise B

" Thank you for doing these classes. I look forward to each one and come away afterwards feeling better physically and spiritually!" Linda Q.

" I can’t fully express how wonderful it has been to reconnect with my body and dance in your classes" Tenaya GB. 

" Being in class with you (and yes our other dance friends!) is a real anchor for me every week." Peter B

" I think what you’re doing is so needed- it keeps us engaged and healthy, which we need more than ever right now. " Bettina W

" Thanks so much for your classes.  They are nourishment for my soul." Ashwini V.

Robin makes everyone feel comfortable and safe to express ourselves!  She is a skilled teacher and her monthly music playlists are varied and fun to dance to. Patty H


" Thank you for bringing your classes into our homes and for navigating the tech challenges to get them there! I feel the love, and share in the joy of dance and community you have brought. This practice brings a sense of normalcy to my life." Laura D.

"Your class makes me feel lighter and more energized. I can’t think of anything more important right now than connecting with my body and movement, so thank you." Lindsay M.

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