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About Me

Born and raised in Berkeley CA, I started dancing at the Shawl Anderson Modern Dance Center in Berkeley, CA at the age of 11.   

In my early performing career, I was a founding member of Mobius Dance Company and then worked with various choreographers in the Bay Area and New York City. I have been performing with Dana Lawton Dances since 2010, and since that time have also performed with the Ruth Botchan Company, Nina Haft & Company, Kate Mitchell, Risa Jaroslow, AXIS Dance Company, and other local choreographers.

I have been teaching dance and fitness since the early '80's and have been focusing on helping people age with grace and strength since the mid- 2000's. I currently teach adults of all ages, offering classes and private lessons for total beginners and more advanced dancers.  I also offer private lessons for couples and families preparing for weddings and other special events. 

If you are curious about how dance could benefit you, just send me a note and we can set up time to talk!

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